Reduced build time on site means reduced material waste, site storage, site labour, reliability on trades and site overheads. Less dependency on weather means certainty on build program and earlier introduction of following trades


TTFC manufacture timber frame in a dry, quality controlled environment. Each project is individually designed and engineered and our system is audited annually by the NSAI and STA to make sure you receive a high quality, precision engineered product. This means fewer snags and defects with added quality assurance.


Timber Frame construction offers a high energy saving solution with different levels of thermal performance, tailor-made to your specification. Timber frame easily achieves lower u-values and airtightness levels and is fast heating due to low thermal mass which all achieve a low cost, energy efficient homes, schools and more.


Ensuring products are sourced responsibly and environmentally with a robust chain of custody, all our timber suppliers are PEFC certified. Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material. For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other building materials, 0.8 tonnes of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere. Timber also produces less CO2 emissions during production compared to other forms of construction and it reduces the effect of global warming as timber products act as carbon sinks