It has been a very busy year so far for all at TTFC!

A lot of changes have been made in the factory over the last few months to help with the growing work load. We have gone from 15 employees in the factory to 33 in the last few months. Not only have we employed new people, but we have also installed the following new pieces of equipment to help get all projects out within a timely manner.

o 1 x new crane
o 4 x new work benches
o 3 new wall saw

Not only have changes been made in the factory to help with the work load, but we have also made some major changes in the office. Our design team has gone from 7 designers to 10 designers in just a few months. This has increased the capacity of work we are able to get done on a daily bases.

Meet our new Designers:

Natasha Webster    Jenny Barry.    Derek Black    Billy Stafford

Natasha Webster joined                Jennifer Barry joined              Derek Black joined                  Billy Stafford joined

the team in February.                     the team in May.                    the team in May.                      the team in June.


Unfortunately we did say goodbye to the following two staff members over the last few months:

Brian Harpur                Dominie Clarke

Brian Harpur who worked                 Dominie Clarke who worked

with TTFC for over 4 years                 with TTFC for over a year

as an Architectural Technician.         as an Technical Sales Manager in the UK.